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Tooling Components

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Ball Bearing Parallels

Serrated End Clamps

Coupling (Extension) Nuts

Ball Bearing Parallels

Clamps & Clamping Accessories

Coupling Nuts

Eye Bolts

Plain Fixture Keys

Flange Nuts

Eye Bolts

Fixture Keys

Flange Nuts

Heavy Hex Nuts

Taper Index Plungers

Aluminum Heel Rest

Hex Nuts

Index Plungers

Jig Bore Clamp Components

Tapped Jig Feet

Leveling Pads

Nuzzler® Edge Clamps: Standard Grip

Jig Feet & Rest Buttons

Leveling & Toggle Pads

Nuzzler® Edge Clamps

Threaded Flat Rest Pads

Hand Knob Head Swivel Screw Clamps

Step Blocks

Rest Pads

Screw & Screw Clamps

Step Blocks


Tugger® T-Bolts

Hardened Flat Washers

T-Slot Nuts

T-Bolts & T-Slot Bolts


Metric Studs

Machinist Clamp Kits

Inserts Knife Thread Inserts for Wood

Driver Studs & Threaded Rod

Clamping Kits


5C Collet Stop Assemblies

Collet Stops

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