• Low profile
  • Ideal for secondary operations on lathe parts
  • Easily machined to size on lathe or mill
  • Excellent for palletized setups
  • Allows more parts per workcube or fixture plate
  • Clamp body made of mild steel for machinability
  • Tighten with hex key or hydraulic pull cylinders
Please use the image viewer to see the product line drawing.
Unit of Measure


Model No.

N/A #2

Length (A)

N/A 0.980 in

Length (B)

N/A 0.750 in

Length (C)

N/A 0.590 in0.980 in

Height (D)

N/A 0.230 in

Outside Diameter (E) -.000/-.002

N/A 1.476 in

Diameter (F)

N/A 0.790 in
Bolt Diameter (G)1 N/A 0.530 in
Mounting Screws (H)2 N/A 6-32 on 1.140 BHC

Thread Size (I)

N/A 5/16-18

Thread Length (J)

N/A 0.560 in


N/A 0.24 lb


N/A Clamp


N/A Expansion
  • 1 Minimum diameter the "F" dimension can be machined or turned down to
  • 2 3 mounting screws included.
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