• Hold round and unusual shaped parts with ease
  • Compact method allows more parts per load at a lower price than vise soft jaw
  • Available with extra material on the clamping jaws so it can be machined to conform to the shape of your workpiece
  • Specially designed steel wedge spreads the clamping force uniformly on both sides of the 7075-T6 aluminum channel
  • Unique locking plate makes the clamp rigid while machining the jaws to your specifications, without vibration
Please use the image viewer to see the product line drawing.
Unit of Measure



N/A 1 Clamp Assembly with Locking Plate


N/A 500
Total Length (A)1 N/A 1.125 in

Height (B)

N/A 0.500 in

Total Width (C)

N/A 0.620 in

Length (D)

N/A 0.420 in

Height (E)

N/A 0.250 in
Length (F)2 N/A 0.180 in

Bolt Spacing (G)

N/A 0.400 in
Thread Size (H)3 N/A 2-56

Thread Size (I)

N/A 8-32


N/A Machinable Uniforce Clamp


N/A Uniforce


N/A 0.07 lb
  • 1 The distance needed between workpieces for clamp clearance, drill and tap mounting holes on the center of "A" dimension.
  • 2 The amount of machinable stock on jaws.
  • 3 Mounting Screws included.
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