Designed for:
  • Automation applications
  • Robotic applications
  • Lights-out manufacturing
  • Each station clamps and can be controlled independently.
  • Can be interfaced with machine controls or PLC.
  • Hydraulic system allows consistent and controlled clamping pressures.
  • Existing manual Toolex double station vises can be easily converted to hydraulics.
  • Maximum Clamping Pressure = 5,900 lbs at 5,000 PSI (hydraulic), 1.18 square inches effective piston area.
Unit of Measure



N/A Vise

Clamping Pressure

N/A 5000 lb

Total Height (A)

N/A 2.500 in

Total Width (B)

N/A 4.000 in

Total Length (C)

N/A 18.910 in

Hole Spacing - Across (D)

N/A 3.000 in

Hole Spacing - Across (E)

N/A 3.000 in

Hole Spacing (F)

N/A 9.000 in

Hole Spacing (G)

N/A 10.000 in

Acting Length (H)

N/A 1.460 in

Screw Size (L)

N/A 5/16-18

Tolerance A

N/A ± 0.0005

Tolerance B

N/A + 0.000 /- 0.002

Tolerance E

N/A ± 0.001

Vise Capacity - Machinable Jaw

N/A 3.250 in6.000 in

Vise Capacity - Carrier and Hard Jaw

N/A 2.125 in6.500 in


N/A 4140 Hardened Steel

Slot Size

N/A 1.503 in


N/A Compact Vise

Features and Benefits

  • SnapLock® knuckle system allows quick change of top jaws. Angle notch eliminates jaw deflection.
  • SnapLock® jaw system, available in machinable aluminum, 1018 steel and 4140 steel. Also available in extra tall and extra wide sizes.
  • Accepts SnapLock® carrier jaw system for hard jaw set-ups.
  • Accepts AccuSnap® and QuickChange parallel systems.
  • Thru body and side slot mounting.
  • Cast iron body for maximum rigidity and accuracy.
  • Telescoping three-piece chip shield assembly provides maximum protection to the internal mechanisms. Eliminates chips and debris from entering the segment screw.
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