Easy Mounting Instructions for the Single Station
Conversion Plate on a ReLock 8-Station Vise

Step 1
Crank bottom jaw toward center of vise. Mount single station conversion plate to the back carrier jaw as shown.

Step 2
Crank bottom jaw down until the single station conversion plate touches baseplate. Mount the single station conversion plate to the baseplate.

Please use the image viewer to see the product line drawing.
Unit of Measure


Package Includes

N/A 1x RWS6002 - 6" ReLock 2-Station Vise
1x SCJ6000 - SnapLock Carrier Jaw Set (2 outside jaws per set)
1x AMJ6035 - AccuSnap Master Jaws (3 pc. set)
2x APS6000 - AccuSnap Basic Parallel Set


N/A 2-Station Vise Packages


N/A 91.00 lb
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